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  1. Michael Bergheim

    Not a bug Very many error

    I have today check my log and see very many error. ErrorException: Template error: Method canSellItem is not callable on the given object (XFMG\XF\Entity\User) src/XF/Template/Templater.php:994 #0 [internal function]: XF\Template\Templater->handleTemplateError(512, 'Method canSellI...'...
  2. Michael Bergheim

    Duplicate Push error

    #0 src/XF.php(187): XF\Error->logError('Push notificati...', false) #1 src/XF/Service/PushNotification.php(241): XF::logError('Push notificati...') #2 src/XF/Service/PushNotification.php(167): XF\Service\PushNotification->handleResults(Array, Array) #3 src/XF/Service/PusherTrait.php(159)...
  3. Michael Bergheim

    XF 2.1 Batch update threads don't found all Threads

    Hello. I have problem with Batch update threads. I can't found all Threads. A Forum has 100 Threads and i can found only 20. I use not filter. I think its a Bug. With Version 2.0 work it fine.
  4. Michael Bergheim

    XF 2.0 Update 2.0.10 to 2.0.11 problem

    I have today install new Update. After Update is my PHP very busy. I must alway make restart. My Serverlast is from 0,80 up to 3.0 and more. All files are check. All addon i have disable. I have no idea what is the problem
  5. Michael Bergheim

    XF 2.0 All eMail to T-Mobile Spam

    All eMail are Spam to T-Mobile. Its same when i forward this eMail with other eMail Account. But this is only be new reply eMail. I have not change this code and all Style have this problem <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="de-DE" dir="LTR"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html...
  6. Michael Bergheim

    Awaiting feedback Zend\Mail\Header\Exception\InvalidArgumentException: Job XF:EmailBounce: Invalid header value detected

    Hello. I have very many error. Its a Bug or not. How i can fix it ? Zend\Mail\Header\Exception\InvalidArgumentException: Job XF:EmailBounce: Invalid header value detected src/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Header/GenericHeader.php:61 Generiert von...