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  1. Stepel

    Edit a post in a form without AddReply option

    Hi, please can you tell me if you have any problem with editing post in forum where Add Reply option is disabled? I see that when I press "Edit" dialog doesn't open, after second press dialog is showed but it looks like editor would be loaded two times. Can you check it ?
  2. Stepel

    Last post after changing message/discussion_state

    Hi, I check few things in DataWriter_DiscussonMessage_Post and I set 'moderated' state if something is wrong. I see that even post/thread is set to 'moderated' by changing state in DataWritter methods (example preSave()) the post/thread is visible as "Latest post" in forum list. Please tell me...
  3. Stepel

    User list with IP

    Hi , what is the best way to get user list with their last IP ? When i use self::FETCH_LAST_ACTIVITY and typical query from User Model return $this->fetchAllKeyed($this->limitQueryResults( ' SELECT user.* ' . $joinOptions['selectFields'] . '...
  4. Stepel

    Custom Router problem

    Hi, I've created my own router based on XenForo_Route_Interface. In 'match' method I analyse $request->getRequestUri() and after finding some patterns I return $newRoutePath. (I am trying to translate old links (from old forum based on vB) to XF links) Morover I extended XenForo_Router. In...
  5. Stepel

    Permissions problem

    Hi, Why doesn't this code: XenForo_Model::create('XenForo_Model_PermissionCache')->getContentPermissionsForItem($hookParams['user']['permission_combination_id'], 'node', $node_id); return anything with sense? Just : view => 1 Parameters are OK of course. Database has been imported from...
  6. Stepel

    Formatting thread style

    Do you know any AddOne to formatting (coloru, font style) of thread tittle ? Is there any way to do that? Maybe some admin option which I don't know.. ?
  7. Stepel

    Custom Confirmation Dialog

    Hi, I have to show "confirmation dialog" after click "Add Reply". If somone click "yes" then I have to add post, if "no" then close dialog. What is the best way to do that ? I know that this button doesn't have class "OverlayTriggered" and my template is added to thread view, it doesn't appear...
  8. Stepel

    Class/method modifications

    Hi, what should I do if I have to override some method and I can't do it by doing my things and later use $parent::METHOD_NAME; Example I would like to modificate some foreach in method... what is the best pracitse ? Is there any better way than repeat some code fragment or override parent method?
  9. Stepel

    Additional Captcha

    Hi, I have to add captcha veryfication for some users before they send message in discussion. What is the best way to do that? I think I will use captcha from XenForo (which is used in registery form).
  10. Stepel

    QuoteSelected button

    Hi, I can't find in templates where is <div id="QuoteSelected"> ? Where can I find it ? I have to hide this "quote selected" button in specific forums.. I found functions working with this element in discussion.js but I think I can modify that in templates..
  11. Stepel

    Show thread with specific posts

    Hi, I have to add button in thread which shows posts belong to sepcific usergroups. What is the best way to do it? I want to extend XenForo_ControllerPublic_Thread by new Method similar to actionIndex() and change Model Function wich returs posts in thread. But when I copy actionIndex() to...
  12. Stepel

    Handle 'movePosts' operation

    I have to count posts in "specific forum". It should count when posts are moved from any forum to this specific forum(+) and vice versa(-). Which is the best moment to do that and how to handle "moving" ? I extened DataWritter/DiscussionMessage/Post and DataWritter/Discussion/Thread and...
  13. Stepel

    How can I hide a post message ?

    Hi, I added column to table xf_post. I want to change displayed post if the value in this column is 1. I don't want to change REALLY message in database, I just want to "hide" real message and put there example my phrase. What is the best way to do it ? Should i ovverride preparePost method in...
  14. Stepel

    User is Supermoderator ?

    Hi, how is the easiest way to check if user is supermoderator, example in template ? there is $visitor.is_moderator.. but how to check if its supermoderator ? Do I have to write "helper" ?
  15. Stepel

    Add another option in edited post

    Hi, I need to modify 'edit post' form and 'new thread' form by add checkbox like "only 18+" (similar to "Disable auto wrap link") I think I have to add column to xf_post table in database? Example in Install Add-One Class ? Next when post is showing I have to check if its selected...and if...
  16. Stepel

    ModerationQueue Extend

    Hi all, I added option to ModerationQueue (one more than, delete, approve, nothing). Its 'moveToTrash'. I extended ModerationQueueHandler for Post and for Thread. I modified template to add input:radio. But SAVE BUTTON in Mod Queue call action "actionSave" in...
  17. Stepel

    Move Thread and Send PM

    Hi, I started working with XenForo Forum as Developer. I have to create AddOne to "Move thread to SPECIFIC FORUM, and send PMs to all users who wrote in thread". I want to add hiperlink or button somewhere in "ad_thread_view_above_messages" hook or better in "thread_view_pagenav_before" next...