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    Gift User Upgrades [Paid] [Deleted]

    You never reply to my inbox, I want to buy this :(
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    Thanks! :)
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    Zend_Feed_Exception: Invalid Zend_Date object or UNIX Timestamp passed as parameter - library/Zend/Feed/Writer/Feed/FeedAbstract.php:206 I keep getting this error in my server logs #0 /home/a/public_html/library/XfAddOns/Blogs/ViewPublic/Blog/Rss.php(41)...
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    XML Sitemap for XenForo 1.3 [Not needed, included in 1.4]

    The sitemap doesn't include addons such as /blogs/ so I'll manually have to add that link in?
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    I can't access - I login and I can't view any forums. :\ Also, can a feature be added where blog entries can be moved to threads? I get a few people posting in the blogs section where it should be in a thread.
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    I can't view any forums :(
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    Where do we download the new version? My username on your site is the same as on here but it says I don't have permission to view stuff :(
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    Two questions: 1. I have set up vanity subdomains by following your steps (I've enabled it in config.php, added the wildcard * DNS record and asked my host to set up apache to catch the subdomains). In the options I've added my domain twice ( in the first and...
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    Route changer works perfectly :) I renamed xfa-blog-entry to /entries/ and xfa-blog-home to /blogs/ so we don't get heaps of dead links from Google due to the change from LN Blog.
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    In the full view of the blogs, you added an alert box but an inbox isn't there, maybe could an inbox be added there next to alerts? Or maybe an alert saying you've received an inbox? Also, the message where it asks if you'd like to create a blog for the first time, is there a way to edit that...
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    It's worth just added an attachment to LN Blog, that could work?
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    Also, could the inbox be added in the full view? And how do you modify the create a blog message?
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    Better Blogs [Deleted]

    Yay. Converted + imported from LN Blogs successfully :')
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    Alert on followed user status update

    Any update on this? :)
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    XenSSO - XenForo Single Sign On [Paid] [Deleted]

    So to clear this up, if an user is logged in to the master forum and they visit the slave forum, will they automatically be logged in to the slave forum or do they have to login with their user/pass on the master forum? Also, for example, if an active user with 500 or so posts + a signature and...
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    Is there a way to sync users between two forums?

    Hey guys, 1. I've looked around for a while and I couldn't find anything related to this. Is there an addon or some method to sync users between two forums? Just their user details so they can login with the same user/password. What I'm thinking of is creating a new forum and for people on...
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    Faster CPU (50%) noticeable for xenforo?

    HTOP is awesome for monitoring. It's similar to typing in top but HTOP is just 100x better :)
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    [Tinhte] XenTag

    Oh, I thought the Tag Cloud feature was similar to Dark's one, I get what it is now, haha. Thanks. :)