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    Lack of interest Default settings for Notices

    Would be nice to be able to have default settings for notices. For instance, right now the default is to block. If all notices were in block it would take up a lot of real estate on the screens and have to remember to click scrolling all the time. Thanks.
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    Shared Hosting issue

    We are a newer user to Xenforo, having started with the forum this past September. We chose A2 hosting turbo shared hosting plan. I have resisted posting here because I really don't want to do something that would seem as "slamming" my provider, but we are stuck now and would appreciate any...
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    Add-on Enhancing User experience add ons

    Good afternoon everyone. We are a brand new user about to go live with Xenforo. On our previous site we had trophies given out based on various criteria, allowed certain classes of users to have their names in different colors of their choosing, allowed stars or other images next to their...
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    Xenforo Addons with 2.0

    We are looking to purchase Xenforo now. We understand we would have to purchase version 1.5, and then look to upgrade all after 2.0 is fully tested and up and running. My concern is we are looking for some addons that are paid additions. A few questions: 1) I realize each vendor decides for...