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    Is there a way to sync users between two forums?

    Hey guys, 1. I've looked around for a while and I couldn't find anything related to this. Is there an addon or some method to sync users between two forums? Just their user details so they can login with the same user/password. What I'm thinking of is creating a new forum and for people on...
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    Why do so many people reply to Watched Threads emails?

    So many people reply to emails they get when they reply or create a thread. For example, when someone creates a help thread and they get an answer to it, the person always replies to it in the email. Is it really that confusing?! Maybe if you reply to the email it should automatically post...
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    Add-on Download manager addon?

    I've searched for a while and couldn't find anything related to this: I need a plugin that is like a download manager. People can upload files, rate them, sort files from most viewed or top rated and most popular etc along with a screenshot gallery with stats. Something like this...
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    Implemented Ninja Moderators

    I gave a few people moderator permission in specific sections but I didn't add them to the moderator usergroup although they still show up in the 'Staff Online Now' list. Is there any way to hide this and perhaps when creating a moderator there could be a checkbox or something saying 'Ninja...
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    Lack of interest Statistics for registration questions

    There should be statistics for the registration questions, just like the one used in the Registration Security Question MyBB plugin: What do you all think?
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    As designed Changing display order of notices

    When you press the + and - buttons when changing the display order of notices, it increases/decreases in increments of 10. Is this supposed to happen?
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    Skyrim Forums -

    Skyrim Forums is a forum dedicated to the fifth chapter in the Elder Scrolls Series: Skyrim. Join us and be able to converse with fellow Skyrimmers, download mods, read tutorials, and debate or seek help about the game. If you love Skyrim, this is the forum for you. There are also various...
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    MyBB URLs converter?

    There really should be a converter for the MyBB URLs! Any idea if something like this will be developed in the future? Few months? Few years? Who knows. :/