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  1. Kenneth Holland

    XF 1.3 Having New Posts Not Show Up in 'Latest Replies'??

    Good Morning All, Is it possible to have new posts not show up in the 'Latest Replies' sidebar? Thanks :) Ken
  2. Kenneth Holland

    XF 1.3 How do I change 'Most Viewed Theads'?

    Happy Mothers Day :) How do I change the 'most viewed threads' in the sidebar so an old story still shows up (increase the number of days)? I did this before but I can't find where to edit this now. Thanks. :) Ken
  3. Kenneth Holland

    XF 1.3 Get Rid of 'Robots' Notification

    Hi, How do I get rid of the 'robots:' count in the 'Members Online Now' section? Thanks :) Ken
  4. Kenneth Holland

    XF 1.2 Error: 'The requested attachment could not be found'

    Hi, On some recent posts on my forum, some images that were posted and have broken image icons. When I click the icon I get: 'The requested attachment could not be found' Can anyone help on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks. :) Ken
  5. Kenneth Holland

    Users Can't Upload an Avatar

    Hi Everyone, I have 2 users (so far) who can't change their avatar. The users bring up the Avatar popup, then select their photo, and instead of changing the pic the box just disappears. They both have Macs. I've tried it on a couple of PCs with no issues. Can anyone help? Thanks. :) Ken
  6. Kenneth Holland

    Crons not running after apache changes

    Hi, I'm noticing that my cron for 'Update View Counters' is not updating now. When I run the cron manually it works...just at the set time interval. My server admin made some changes to apache and I'm wondering if that messed it up. Any ideas how I could troubleshoot this? Thanks. :) Ken
  7. Kenneth Holland

    Does XF use Ioncube or Zend?

    My webhost needs to know if XenForo uses Ioncube or Zend Optimizer? I have no idea. And if so are they a must? Thanks. :) Ken
  8. Kenneth Holland

    Trying to Post New Thread goes to 'Page Not Found'

    Hi, When I try to create a new thread I get sent to 'Page Not Found'. A couple things happen here: 1. If it's a pretty short post it will post. 2. If it's longer it goes to 'Page Not Found' but the error page is from my blog (my forum is in a subdirectory and my blog is in the root)...
  9. Kenneth Holland

    Apache upgrade broke my forum-Help

    Hi all, My hosting company did a minor apache upgrade (2.2.22 to 2.2.23) and right after that my XF install screwed up. Clicking any link takes you to a 404 page on my BLOG...but they are not connected in any way (they have separate databases) except they are on the same server and domain...
  10. Kenneth Holland

    Administrator Priveleges...How?

    Good Morning, How do I make a second user on my website a full administrator? I have one and it says that but I can't edit, view IP....etc.... like I can with my account (the original admin)? Thanks! Ken
  11. Kenneth Holland

    Where do Install ad code

    Hello Everyone, I am putting in-text advertising on my form and my ad publisher says to insert the code before the closing body tag </body>. Which file or template would I do this? Thanks. :) Ken
  12. Kenneth Holland

    XF 1.1 Remove Formatting button Doesn't Work

    Hi, I'm trying to make a post on my forum without the formatting but when I click on the remove formatting button nothing happens. How do I troubleshoot this? Thanks. :) Ken
  13. Kenneth Holland

    Internal Server Error When Posting Text

    I have an issue which is maddening... I'm trying to update a sticky post and when I post certain combinations of words I get a pop up 'internal server error' Anyone else have this issue and how can I correct it? Thanks! :) Ken
  14. Kenneth Holland

    Where Can I Edit the XF Confirm Email?

    Good Afternoon, Where do I access the email that new users get when they first sign up? I want to add some text to it...and is it difficult to edit? Thanks! Ken
  15. Kenneth Holland

    How Do I Increase Forum Site Speed?

    Hi All, I am very close to launching my XF-powered forum but I'd like to get some input on increasing page load speed. The root of my site is Wordpress and uses W3 Total Cache and is pretty fast. The forum is in a subdirectory. I'd like to get some input from the community here and what I...
  16. Kenneth Holland

    Do I need a SiteMap mod or Addon?

    Hi, I am about to launch my forum. Do I need a sitemap for my forum (by way of addon, etc....) to help with indexing or is XF good to go stock in that regard? Thanks. :) Ken
  17. Kenneth Holland

    XF 1.1 RSS Feeds Do Not Work

    Hi, I was checking my stock XF forum feeds and I get this error: 'The Feed Being Requested Cannot be Found' This is a new XF install: Is there something I have to configure in the admin first? Thanks. :) Ken
  18. Kenneth Holland

    RSS Feeds for Most Popular and Latest Posts

    Hi, Does XF have feeds for most popular (based on, say, daily popularity) and a feed for the latest posts? I want to put these in the sidebar of my Wordpress blog. Thanks. :) Ken
  19. Kenneth Holland

    How to Make a Page in XenForo

    Good Morning, I am stumped on how to make a page in XF. There's no field to enter body content...only a description. Can anyone assist? Thanks. :) Ken
  20. Kenneth Holland

    Prevent Google from Indexing Site-How?

    Hi, I'm testing my XF site right now and I don't want Google indexing my site until I launch. Is there any simple way I can restrict this without having to mess with the .htaccess? Thanks! :) Ken