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  1. LocknReload

    Display Staff Without "Staff Member" tag

    Hello, Firstly as I am not a licensed member I can't put this in "Problems" tab. I am not the owner of the website my friend is but I am the Website Developer. How do I get someone to be displayed as a staff member without having the "Staff Member" tag?
  2. LocknReload

    Xenforo Monthly Subscription

    Hello, I was wondering whether it is possible for a Monthly Subscription to be in place? Such as $20 a month for 7 months (to get to $140) If this is available can someone please send a link to where it is, or if it is not a thing can someone possibly make it a thing?
  3. LocknReload

    [Answered] Website Link

    Hello, When i buy the website, will it come as a number and letter link like the Demo Version or will it come as a different link? If it does come in the number and letter link does it cost more to change it to a dedicated link (Custom Link)? Please help me. Thank you
  4. LocknReload

    [Answered] Question abouts the duration of License.

    hello, I was wondering, is the $14o a monthly subscription or is it $140 for 1 year, or is there a way of getting a cheaper (not so good) version of Xenforo? Please help me as I would like to know ASAP :) Thanks