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  1. SBMinerYT

    XF 1.4 How do I "return" code?

    Basically, I'm trying to stop the code from going any further in an if statement. Stopping the if statement with </xen:if> doesn't seem to work. I put an if statement inside of an if statement, and if that second if statement that is inside the main if statement is true, I want the code to...
  2. SBMinerYT

    XF 1.4 Need help changing some text.

    Hello, I am trying to change the text of when it says "(private)" in the node list for private nodes to say "(Submission Only)", however only want to do it with certain nodes... I've tried this and it's giving me errors: hastebin (check around lines 60 - 75) Any help is appreciated. Thanks...
  3. SBMinerYT

    Add-on Submission Only nodes! [WILLING TO PAY!]

    Hello everyone. I'm requesting quite a simple add-on (so it sounds, although I'm not too sure). Basically, I want the following addon: I want the ability to create "Submission Only" nodes. This means, users can't see other users' thread, but CAN see other users' sticky threads. This should be...