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  1. Hambil

    Project Tool

    Along with my original (now expired) vb 3.8 licence, I payed for the Project Tools. They are now pretty much dead and useless to me, but I wonder what xenForo has in mind (if anything) to replace this?
  2. Hambil

    Ajax Alerts

    After having been off forums for a bit, and on Facebook, one thing I've really missed here is that I still need to refresh to see that I have an alert. This simple mod would use Ajax to refresh the state of teh alerts tab. In addition, it would change the browser tab to the number of active...
  3. Hambil

    Addon Model, conflict and cooperation

    I have a question. Keep in mind I've only been looking at the new code for a day.... :p It looks like xenForo uses an object oriented, design patterns approach, and I like that. It looks like the old hook system is now a system (by enlarge) replaced by extending classes. So, for the mod I...
  4. Hambil

    A question from a former vb mod developer

    I would like to make the switch, now that I am returning to good health and want to code again. However, I'd like to know the policy regarding for-profit mods. vBulletin was always very reluctant to be supportive of such ventures. It is the main reason I chose (upon returning to find a %200...