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  1. adgsteve

    Background image issue - I'm baffled

    I've done this several times before but this time I'm baffled. I want to use an image for the body background but the one I want to use won't take. I can only get one image to work and it's not the one I want. So, can anyone tell me why this code works.... body { @property "body"...
  2. adgsteve

    v1.1 b4 Ajax log out hanging?

    Has anyone noticed the program hanging when they try to log out? Often when I go to log out the throbber runs but the log out box never comes up. A simple page refresh and try again and the log out box pops right up. Might be local to my machine but I don't remember it happening anywhere but...
  3. adgsteve

    Alerts balloons after upgrade to 1.1

    I upgraded just fine, everything is working good, but the Inbox and Alerts balloons keep popping up with 0 in them. Mouse over them and they go away, but click another page and they pop up again, everytime you change pages.