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  1. xihouston

    Duplicate Spoiler option in editor toolbar (Poll)

    I have a strong belief that Spoiler's should be added to the editor toolbar. Consider? Thanks, Houston.
  2. xihouston

    Flexile Dark

    Is there a 1.2.0 Beta version of this?
  3. xihouston

    XF 1.2 XenPorta installation problem (1.2.0 beta 5)

    Hey guys, Every time i try to install XenPorta, I continue to get this message: Could someone help me out? Thanks, Houston.
  4. xihouston

    Rich Username in Recent activity tab, Navigation menu, and last seen sentence?

    Hey guys, I need a little help doing 3 things with rich username and I have pictures to explain what i need help with. This image below is where I want to make rich username text to appear in the recent activity tab in the user profile. This image below is where I want to make rich...
  5. xihouston

    Problem with Flexile Dark on Mobile Devices

    Hey Guys, I've been experiencing a problem with my website ( style flexile dark on my iPad and iPhone and all mobile devices. The top under the Log Out button and above the search bar creates a cut-off of the "Blue Part" and doesn't finish through the page. Could someone help...
  6. xihouston

    Add-on User upgrades to primary usergroup

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a Plugin/Add-on that will put users in a primary usergroup instead of a secondary usergroup when a user upgrade is purchased. Does anyone know where I can find this kind of plugin/Add-on? -Houston
  7. xihouston

    When is the next XF update?

    Not really, I just like seeing new features!
  8. xihouston

    When is the next XF update?

    I've been waiting for a really long time for XenForo to have an update. Does anyone know when this is going to happen? - Houston
  9. xihouston

    Please read some of my XenForo suggestions!

    Please read some of my XenForo suggestions!
  10. xihouston

    Not planned Administrators, Control Panel, and Permissions like vBulletin

    You know how you are able to edit a usergroup's permissions in vB to use the ModCP or AdminCP then when you change users to usergroups with the AdminCP you give them permissions when they receive the AdminCP? I wish that xF would be like that instead of having to make administrators and...
  11. xihouston

    Not planned Moderator Control Panel

    I felt that it wouldn't be very necessary when i switched from vB to XenForo, but it turns out i would love it a lot more. If you could grant usergroups permissions to use the MCP like in vB. i find that VERY useful. Please consider it! ;)
  12. xihouston

    Global Topics / Announcements

    It would be great if XenForo could have global announcements or announcements listed in each forum or all forums created out of the AdminCP or a way for moderators to make them too.
  13. xihouston

    IPB Style Footer Stats [Deleted]

    1.) Staff online now, members online now, forum statistics, and share page 2.) im pretty positive 3.) what exactly is TMS? 4.) flexile
  14. xihouston

    IPB Style Footer Stats [Deleted]

    hey man, i just put your resource on my site.. but it dropped my sidebar all the way down when i put this in: <xen:include template="footer_stats" /> any help to fix this? thanks!
  15. xihouston

    XenPorta [8wayrun] recent news problem

    This worked!!!! Thanks!!! i just changed it to (unspecified)
  16. xihouston

    Problems with XenPortal :'(

    Problems with XenPortal :'(
  17. xihouston

    im aight

    im aight
  18. xihouston

    [8WR] XenPorta (Portal)

    Hey guys! every time I enable the recentnews block on the portal i get these errors: I cant understand why I'm getting these. Does anyone know what the problem could be? And i had this for a while and it just started doing this...