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    [bd] Widget Framework

    Thanks , it works but how do I make it so that it shows the sticky threads at the top of the Recent Threads widget and then after that the normal recent threads?
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    [bd] Widget Framework

    Is there a way to render 5 different forums on the index page . I'd like to render 10 threads from each forum and display them in the index page as "Latest Threads in X forum" for each 5 forums. This is mainly so I can show the sticky posts on the index page as the thread renderer doesn't show...
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    {xen:raw $contents} ?

    Hello, I'm new to Xenforo and have been trying to learn how the code works inside templates so I can edit a style I bought to better suit my forum. I'm trying to move certain parts of the index page to right above the footer and I've found the code that moves it is in the template...