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  1. z1haze

    XF 1.4 No upgrade available. (1.4.7 => 1.4.10)

    I am unable to upgrade my forums to 1.4.10, its telling me no upgrade available, and to do a fresh installation? What is the problem? I downloaded the latest files from my customer section, it says 1.4.10.. and I uploaded, unzipped etc, navigated to /install and I get no upgrade available...
  2. z1haze

    getting $_GET variables in xenforo

    Hi, I am just wondering how do I go about getting the $_GET variables to pass into my callback function? I have friendly url's enabled as well. I found but I dont really understand it, so if this is indeed what I need, can someone...
  3. z1haze

    Display php/mysql on custom page

    First Id like to start off by saying, I have searched the webs and read a couple threads on this site that show 'how' to display custom php data on a page in xenforo. I dont know if I am just dense or what, but its just not coming to me. I am able to write a full system from scratch to read...