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  1. Raydianze

    Duplicate Firefox 19 & Chrome -- Tooltips broken!

    Just noticed this today -- but the mouse-over tooltips are broken with the new Firefox 19 and also noticed this with Google Chrome... Safari, IE10, Opera are ok... I mean the tooltips that show forum (node) descriptions... Anyone else noticed this? I also see this problem happening here on the...
  2. Raydianze

    Add-on Facebook like Wall Behaviour

    Is there no addon yet -- so that threads in a sub-forum can be displayed with facebook-like wall behaviour??? Like when viewing the "News Feedback" on Facebook.... Seems this would be practical! Any feedback on this? thanks in advance!
  3. Raydianze

    Lack of interest Minify HTML ???

    Xenforo generated html isn't very cleaned-up! Is there some easy way to minify and cleanup the output of Xenforo??? Be very nice to see an addon created that cleans-up the html output! Such an eye-sore to view the html code!
  4. Raydianze

    XF 1.1 Caching RSS-Feed output?

    Is it possible to cache the RSS-Feed outputs? hope someone can help me with this issue!
  5. Raydianze

    Using Cufon fonts?

    Might someone be able to teach me -- how to go about installing and using Cufon fonts? I'm trying to match things up with a website I'm developing that is using Cufons in header sections -- and would like to be able to do this too in Xenforo - with the <h1><h2>, etc - headers... Many thanks in...