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  1. gemmk1

    Add-on development and data migration tools [$40/h short-term, $25/h long-term]

    How about converting some thing like the old phpbb post template into xenforo please and also like in vbulletin where members of certain groups can change there username colur and be able to edit it by boldness,and underline,border etc etc
  2. gemmk1

    Other Post template

    Could you if possible explain how you have done it please,As we are a promotion forum and are really in need of it
  3. gemmk1

    Other Post template

    Yes i had it on my phpbb forum and i really do need some thing which is easy as i am not very good at coding that is why i left phpbb.This is the old phpbb one
  4. gemmk1

    Other Post template

    I am after someone to make me a post template modification.For when i make a new forum i can put in a template example Site URL: Package: Date your site started: Total Posts: Extra Notes: Also looking for a modification to be able to offer members customised usernames so they can change the...