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  1. mrchasez

    XF 1.2 Error Viewing Profiles and Members Tab

    Hello, Out of no where we are getting errors. Nothing was changed since this happened. When trying to view someones profile this error is given: I ran a File Health Check and now my forums don't appear to be loading =/ Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. mrchasez

    XF 1.2 How to: Turn off Mobile site

    Hello, Some of my users are complaining about my mobile site. Things are just kind of squished together, apparently. I just upgraded to 1.2.5 and I suppose before this update it didn't do that. How can I turn off my mobile site for mobile users, so they always see the full website like a...
  3. mrchasez

    XF 1.2 Upload A file, Preview Buttons - Colors

    Hello, I have an issue with some button colors on my forum. The "Upload a file" and "Preview" button when creating a thread are white when they are not hovered over. When you hover over them with your mouse, they turn the correct colors. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this, but...
  4. mrchasez

    XF 1.2 Upload File, More Options - Colors

    Nevermind! You can delete this thread.. >.> <.<
  5. mrchasez

    XF 1.2 Deleted Install Folder

    Hello, Without thinking I deleted the install folder (upgraded yesterday). Should I just re-download Xenforo (full) and upload the install folder again? What steps should I take? Thanks
  6. mrchasez

    XF 1.2 Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry

    Hello, Since updating to Xenforo 1.2.4 from 1.1.5, I have been getting this error about twenty times a day. The error is pretty much always the exact same, may slightly change. This is the only error I ever get. Here it is: Error Info Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception: Mysqli statement...
  7. mrchasez

    XF 1.2 Double Thread Categories

    I am having to redo my forums, and cannot find something I had before. I am looking for the code (on these forums) to create two categories per row, here is an example picture: I cannot find the code for it on these forums. Thank you.
  8. mrchasez

    XF 1.2 How to make theme Fixed Width?

    I have upgraded from 1.1.5 to 1.2.4 and have had to redo everything (Huge update!). The one thing I cannot figure out how to do though, is how to make my theme fixed width? Can someone give step by step details for this? Thank you.
  9. mrchasez

    XF 1.1 People can't signup on forums!

    Hello, Randomly today people can no longer sign up. This has never happened before, nor have I changed anything on my forums the last week. I just started getting reports people can't sign up. I tested myself. When i clicked sign up button, the top bar thing came down, i entered a new username...
  10. mrchasez

    XF 1.1 Width Size? Fluid and fixed?

    Hello everyone, I have a question. Up until today my website was fluid. Meaning the site was as large (width wise) as how ever big your screen was. It looked ok, but fixed looks a lot better. I want the forums width to be 1024x. This is good for 90% of the community, however there are those...
  11. mrchasez

    XF 1.1 Merging Forums (Topic Forums, Not Entire Forums)

    Hello, I would like to merge two forums together. I mean a topic forum for example, merging together "Xenforo Pre-Sales and Xenforo Suggestions" (But of course on my forum >.>). How can this be done? Just move all topics from one forum to another. Thank you!
  12. mrchasez

    XF 1.1 Confirmation / Registration Email change

    How do i edit the confirmation email people are sent to verify their email address after registering an account? The "user_email_confirmation_body_text " don't seem to exist anymore for me to edit. I even searched the default theme, with no luck. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank You.
  13. mrchasez

    XF 1.1 Uninstalled Application - Can't access website

    I uninstalled a Herocraft application (for minecraft players online, side bar widget). After uninstalling it. I am now getting this error on my homepage: I can access my Admin Panel, but thats it. Going to my website just shows that error. How do i fix this? A...
  14. mrchasez

    Minecraft Status SideBar

    I want something like this: Under the "Sign Up" he has the status of all his servers. I would really like something like that. I am aware he is using bootstrap. Can anyone link me or tell me how i can do something very similar to that? Thank you very much =]
  15. mrchasez

    Forum Upgrade - Issue

    I have a forum upgrade (a paid one). I have it set to monthly subscriptions. When it comes time for the next payment. They automatically pay the monthly cost but they are demoted. They are taken out of the donor rank but the subscription remains. How come they are taken out of the rank even...
  16. mrchasez

    Moving Hosts - How?

    How do i move my Xenforo community to a new host. I have downloaded all the files inside of public_html (root directory), and i have just downloaded the database. What steps do i do? I will need to move the website domain over too, which i know how to do. Do i upload all the files, and...
  17. mrchasez

    Question about adding html to bottom bar

    I want to add a small view counter next to "Contact us" at the very bottom and right of the page. On the same bar where you can choose styles and it says "Top" and "Home" aswell. How do i add html code so i can have a small view counter (already have code for that). Where do i add it ^^...
  18. mrchasez

    Adding top Navigation bar

    I am looking to add a navigation bar to the top of our website. Where i can add a few more links to certain things like pages and just general things that don't go on our standard navigation bar. If you go to this website here (Not xenforo): Check out the top navigation...
  19. mrchasez

    Online new edit!

    I want to make it so the online now box shows all users online for the last 10 mins. Instead of the exact online right now. Just so it looks a little better ^^ How can i go about doing this. Hopefully its an easy change. Edit: Oh.... i seemingly found it x.x Online Status Timeout (minutes)
  20. mrchasez

    Reports (Help)

    When ever a user reports a post where does that report go? They don't seem to work on my forums. Where are the options for these.