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    XF 1.5 Home Page URL

    I recently moved from forum.(website).com and changed to using: (website).com. I changed the settings in "Basic Board Information", but when a user clicks "logout", they are sent to forum.(website).com/logout/?_xfToken= - And so they are unable to logout.
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    XF 1.4 Login broken ( auth.php )

    When logging in, when you're sent to auth.php I get the Xenforo error page instead. This is happening to all users, and so basically nobody can login... But "remember me" function works for those which had that. Seemed to work until I update to 1.4 today, but I am unsure if that's what effected it.
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    XF 1.4 Exporting Alerts/login/conversations out of XF

    Hello, I have recently been working on my Xenforo website, theme, etc. And I decided on the following setup: will house the forums (xenforo install), and will have custom pages which I created. What I want to do, is add: -...