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  1. MhW

    XF 2.0 Best practice for adding custom CSS?

    Hi again everyone! As per my last post, I'm beginning to dip my toes into XenForo style developmnet, beginning with the 2.0.x beta. Note: I feel compelled to mention that I have searched, but many of the threads are old. So in 2.0x beta I noticed there are 83 individual .less templates. I...
  2. MhW

    XF 2.0 Is it worth styling for the 1.x development branch?

    Hi everyone! :) I'm a style developer, specialising in phpBB but I'm keen to expand into XenForo. So far I've bought my license, and that's pretty much it. I noticed that whilst 1.5.x is the current development branch, 2.0x has reached second beta. Say I've got a couple of styles I'm...