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  1. Silvan

    Spam and registrations

    I've been getting a few spam registrations that seem to bypass my sonnb's spam filter and a captcha. I presume they might actually be human spammers. I've enabled 'approvals by moderator' but it stops people from immediately posting. I was wondering, is there a way for new members to start...
  2. Silvan

    XF 1.1 Spam filter

    I'm a bit confused about the Spam filter. I've had a few spam user register to my site, who post spammy posts. When I use the Spam Cleaner on them, it removes them, but also flags up other users from that same IP address. But for some reason I appear in that list as well. First I thought maybe...
  3. Silvan

    XF 1.1 Internal Server Error

    I'm a bit confused about this problem that's cropping up on my forum. When I go to certain random sections in the forum, i.e. the 4th page in a forum, it brings up an internal server error. It keeps doing that, until a new thread is posted, at which point the same will happen on a different part...
  4. Silvan

    XF 1.1 Unregistered user posts don't appear

    Hi guys - I've tweaked some of the user settings, so that unregistered users (guests) can reply to posts, so hopefully more dynamic conversations happen. This is all working fine, however when an unregistered user replies to a post, it doesn't appear in 'recent activity' or in the list of...
  5. Silvan

    XF 1.1 Admin notification of new registered member

    Random one, but is it possible to get XenForo to send an email whenever a new member registers?
  6. Silvan

    front page - show some threads

    Hi guys - not sure if it is possible, but my message board is quite small, so rather than just showing the 4 boards, it would be great to show the latest 10 threads underneath that. Is there an add-on for such a thing at all?