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    Lack of interest Staff warning security

    Well I a problem. I have members that are good and some times screw up so they have to be issued warnings and then sometimes banned. The problem. They see who sends the warnings they may not hate the staff but they can hate how they get a warnings and go over board and send that staff members...
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    Does this site?

    So if I pay for this forum is it on its over server or do I half to pay for a server or do i half to get it on my own? When i get this site is it like the demo or do I get files and half to use that stuff?
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    Implemented Badges

    Well I feel that the admin of your forum should be able to go under groups and add images I have this badge I want to use for my admin group but I can not and it should pop under the users avatar. MY pic for my group.
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    Lack of interest Warning SYSTEM update

    I feel in the admin panel the owner/founder/head admin should be able to pick weather the user receiving the warning can see who sent it or not for staff safety. I also feel that when the admin picks if they user getting the warning can not see what staff member sent it there should be a box...