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  1. Patagonian

    MG 2.0 Watermarks not automatically added

    XF 2.05 XFMG 2.03 Hey I am unable to get XFMG to automatically add watermarks to new images by setting the following option: Or by running XFMG: Update media watermarks: But I can add watermarks via inline moderation and by running batch update: How do I get new images to be...
  2. Patagonian

    Other [Paid] Skype based tuition

    Hey fellow Xenforos I've been writing code on and off for 35 years. Originally an assembler developer, then C etc. I then moved on to the business side of things and combined my tech skills with my flair for marketing to create some pretty compelling Fintech technology world firsts. The tech...
  3. Patagonian

    PAID: XF2: Thread Preview Panel

    Hi, I'm not sure if I need an add on developed, or whether I just need a modified template or two. Either way, willing to pay if necessary. Requirement. I'd like to create a post preview panel, similar to that used by email programmes. The interface would consists of the existing thread list...
  4. Patagonian

    XF 2.0 Caching Issues

    XF 2:01 with XFMG. Digital Ocean Droplet Cloudflare - but currently deactivated. Hey I've got a strange problem regarding cached templates. I recently added 2 pieces of code, 1 to global helper, and one to page container. I've since deleted the code but it's still showing up. I've rebuilt...
  5. Patagonian

    MG 2.0 Personal Galleries in User Profile

    XF2 Hey guys, when I click on a user's gallery entry - photo, video etc, in their profile, it takes me back to the Media section. Is there any way to prevent this and keep the user inside the profile they are viewing? Many thanks
  6. Patagonian

    XF 2.0 Server errors designer mode

    XF2 Beta 8 with XFMG Digital Ocean Droplet Hey! I have added the following to my config.php file: $config['debug'] = true; $config['development']['enabled'] = true; $config['development']['skipAddOns'] = []; $config['designer']['enabled'] = true; And have successfully exported templates for...
  7. Patagonian

    XF 2.0 Tracing template hierarchies

    Hi - XF2 - Beta 8 Is there a document that describes relationships between default templates? Or a tool that can process templates and plot a graph of which template is called for each page - a trace, or call stack in other words. I appreciate each page has a data-template attribute which...
  8. Patagonian

    XF 2.0 Widget Context

    Xenforo 2.0 Beta 7 Digital Ocean Droplet Hi All, Is there any way to make Thread/Posts widgets context sensitive? So that for example if I place a new thread widget in a category sidebar, can I make it only shows threads from that category? it appears that configuring forum limit in the...
  9. Patagonian

    Add-on Algolia Search add on for XF2.0

    Hey All, We are currently using Algolia search on our (in development) Wordpress site. Our WP Algolia implementation comes in 2 parts. A WP indexer plugin supplied by Algolia, and a presentation front end, written by my team. We really like Algolia and I'd like to use Algolia on XF2. We will...
  10. Patagonian

    XF 2.0 CRUD Hooks for Algolia Search

    Hi All, Using XF2 Beta 5 I'm new to Xenforo so please bear with me. We are using Algolia on our publishing site (in development) and would like to port it to XF. I do appreciate that there is an Elasticsearch option, but Algolia better suits our needs. Question is, how would we go about...
  11. Patagonian

    MG 2.0 How to specify MG volume on local server

    Hi, New to XF. Running V2 Beta 5. with Media Gallery Digital Ocean Droplet. Can I specify a different storage location for images in posts as well as images in the the Media Gallery? I'm not looking to use AWS etc at this stage, instead will probably be adding an additional volume on Digital...