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    Link directory

    Hi! Is there an add-on like a link directory? I cant find any. Right now I have the add-on "Nodes as tabs" with a tabpage with Links to other sites. But I want it to look good. Now its only HTML and a table with two rows (with the link and a description). I also would like to see how many...
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    Not so Wide page?

    Hi! I have Xenforo and Xenporta. I have the same layout as this forum. How can I change the width of my page? I would like to make it to look more "narrow" like on this page: Thanks for helping me! :) /Sponky
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    Notices design CSS

    Hi! I wanna make my notices look like on the help video "Using Notices" (07:52 in the video A notices with that text box and a picture as a background. Can someone help me how to do that? :) Thank you very much!