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    Problems confirming accounts with demo

    I wanted to let some of the members of my organization get the feel of Xenforo by posting to the demo forum I set up, but whenever they cannot activate/confirm their accounts. They receive the account confirmation email and when they click on the link they go to Xenforo's Create a Demo page, and...
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    Modifying Xenforo compared to IP.board and Woltlab

    I'm investigating Xenforo, IP.board, and Wotlab and like a lot of things about each one. I have realized that extendability is extremely important. One of the things I want to do is to write an extension that creates a link that would create a new thread in a specifric sub-forum with a...
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    Adjusting the Profile Pages

    I am a little curious as to the amount of control the admin has over profile pages. When I click on a person's profile page the first thing I see is the Profile Posts tab. Is there a way to change it to where I go to the Information tab first when I click on a profile. Also, is it possible to...
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    Can you tag keywords

    I am a little curious about nodes. I am looking to transfer my board and I do not need any sub-forums. I only need one General Discussions forum. I would like to set up a tagging system that lists a whole bunch of keywords on the page so people can see which keywords have new threads about them...