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  1. Cryptkeeper

    XF 1.1 Populating profile information with facebook account?

    I finally got facebook working on my forum. (test forum is here: till my host installs mysqli) I can login with my facebook username and password, however, It does not import anything! it just links the account, it does not import my date of birth, gender or location...
  2. Cryptkeeper

    XF 1.1 Facebook returned the following error: This IP can't make requests for that application..

    I had everythign setup and finally got facebook to see my site, but when I click on "test facebook connection" itsends me to facebook to authorise, I click ok, then it returns me into the admincp with the following error: Facebook returned the following error: This IP can't make requests for...
  3. Cryptkeeper

    cannot see thumbnails or download additions on this forum

    Hey, dont know if this is the right forum for this but I didn't see a forum for issues related to this site. I just bit the bullet and purchased this software instead of vb4. I signed up with my facebook account which is associated with my hotmail account, but bought the software with my gmail...