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  1. squashlover

    Get Latest Posts via Json to other domain?

    Hi There, Is this possible? I have read about the json requests requiring a XenForo._csrfToken - so I assume syndicating the latest posts via json is not allowable? If it is possible - are there any pointers? If not, I'll have to do it with RSS. Thank you!
  2. squashlover

    XF 1.4 Allow moderators to ban users?

    We have a forum with a small team of moderators and they really need to be able to ban users, but, we can't give out admin access willy nilly for obvious reasons. What is the simplest way to achieve this with XF? I really would like to empower our mods and give them the tools they had in our...
  3. squashlover

    XF 1.4 Too Many Redirects (Safari / Mac)

    Users on Mac using Safari are reporting: " Too many redirects occurred trying to open "". This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page." We do have SEO urls on, but afaiaa this is the stock...
  4. squashlover

    XF 1.4 Robots and SEO Urls

    Hi There, I have recently migrated a forum from VB and all appears to be going good guns aside from a few minor niggles. We have the VB url redirect in place so that the OLD vb urls will get directed to the correct content. However, I've been asked to block bots from viewing member profiles...
  5. squashlover

    KombiClub Australia Forum

    I've just migrated this forum from Vb 4.x to Xenforo. We initially 'upgraded' to VB 5.x and we had numerous issues (speed/missing functionality to name a few) and we had to rollback. After some further research we decided to use Xenforo. The site is now up and running with no customisations...
  6. squashlover

    XF 1.4 VB 4.x Import: Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '19058' for key 'PRIMARY

    I have previously searched the forum and note that Brogan suggests hitting refresh until it sorts itself. I am importing a large VB database and over 24hrs in and numerous refreshes/reloads for similar messages (and timeouts) we are almost there and I get the above message - except this time...