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    Fixed installation error

    Same error - clean 2.0 install (versions 1.5.x were ok): My hosting disabled set_time_limit() PHP function - why we need it in XenForo version 2.0? EDIT: answer from my hosting: "set_time_limit() is disabled here." I really don't want change hosting or run VPS due to the function set_time_limit().
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    Recent Posts

    Whats the difference between this and this:
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    Live Feed

    It's ok now, thank you!
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    Live Feed

    Still not working: Fatal error: Class 'Milano_Common_Install' not found in /library/Milano/LiveFeed/Install.php on line 4
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    Flat Default Light Tweaked

    There are "forgotten" Google, Amazon etc. ads in templates... Otherwise it is a very nice style!