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    Remove forumname.1?

    THIS IS FOR A DEMO VERSION I RECENTLY GOT BROGAN How do I remove the .1 from the forum name? I want it to be www.forumname/forums/forum1/ NOT www.forumname/forums/forum1.1/
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    Remove Forumname.1

    Hi guys, on my trial version, when I created a forum, it would have a number after it. How would I stop this?
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    Home page add-on?

    OK, my friend just bought a license, I asked if I could take a look at some add-ons for him. I tried XenPorta and it worked well, the only problem was that I could not place the recent news directly in the middle? How would I do this?
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    Home page add-on?

    I want to purchase a license but wanted to know how I would make a homepage as well as a forum? Like
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    I have a lot of questions... Any help?

    OK, I have alot of questions to ask and was wondering if you guys could help me? I really love XenForo and was thinking of purchasing! 1. How do I protect a forum by requiring a user to be a specific user group (Is it even possible to have user groups) 2. How do I get a homepage for the forum...