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  1. mauri

    404 error

    we are getting 404 error on the post in the forums we didnt make any changes to the server or the site it just happened one day can you suggest how to fix? thanks here is an example of the 404 error help!!!!!!! ;)
  2. mauri

    icons for each forum

    how can you have different icons for each forum see attachment thanks ;-)
  3. mauri

    xenforo facebook app

    our programmers are trying to do something similar to this vbulletin facebook app do you have any suggestions as to how we can do this through some sort of xenforo api? thanks
  4. mauri

    facebook connect on dropdown

    how can we do this? please see below facebook on dropdown login
  5. mauri

    wordpress feed inside of forum threads

    is there any way to put a wordpress feed inside of xenoforo threads please see attachment thanks
  6. mauri

    Regular Login Page

    Is there a login page somewhere? My SEO guy needs a login page for a promotion we are running we want to keep the top javascript login but would like a regular login page that can hopefully be customized thanks