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    How to Compete against the Big Boys VBulletins

    Hi, I launched a Disney Fan Xen Foro site. It looks great, super clean, great discussion topics, and I am very excited that it is using Xen Foro. My problem is my Disney Fan Forums is brand new and I am going up against the big VBulletin boys that have been around for 10+ years. When you...
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    Mobile Version?

    Hi, Would you install one of these mobile apps that charge your users $2 - $5 to download so they can get a more mobile friendly version of your forum on their mobile device? Or do you think Xen Foro will have a mobile experience in their next release? If it's a year out I might install...
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    Not a bug Email regristration link not working 1.1.0

    I had a new user register and tell me the regristration email has just a code value that displays {confirm-link} In the email they get. They said nothing happens when they click on it I created a fake account and get the same thing. When I click on {confirm-link}. I am taken To the form site...
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    Allow Smilies Drop Down Menu to hold more Smilies

    I added about 40 smilies to my XenForo. They do not all fit in the Smilie drop down when you click on the Yellow Smilie above. Is there a way navigate through the smilies in the drop down? Thanks, Steve :)
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    Issues with users getting activation emails?

    Hi, Does anyone have issues with users getting the Click Here to activate your account forum emails? When I signed up myself I had to try several times to get the email to appear in my email account. I also had another user tell me today they never got the email and they checked Spam also...
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    Can not Validate new users for access

    Hi, I have a user that just joined and says they are not getting the Click To Approve your account email. So I went into the Admin Panel as Super Admin and I can see his details. I tried to change his "User Statue" from : "Awaiting Email Confirmation" to "Valid" but when I click save I get...
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    How do you change the email copy?

    What phrase or code do I need to edit to change the copy in the email that is sent to a new user to activate their account? Thanks, Steve
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    Google Analytics

    Does anyone know what page I should page the Google Analytic code into so it gets into the header of all pages? I just signed up for Google Analytics for my XenForo URL. Thanks, Steve
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    Anyone have a good Admin / Moderator setup?

    I am just setting up XenForo, a completely new install. For Admin and Moderator it will be just me, but I want to make sure I can expand and add moderators as the site grows. I really don't need anything overly complex. I would like future moderators to be able to edit, delete, and move...
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    How to add a banner / promo area close to the thread top?

    I would love to add a graphical banner of sorts just under my forums sub title text. It would need to be in the standard theme look and feel and have a graphic and be clickable so I can take users to a forum page about a contest. I think I saw a XenForo demo video that created a cool rotating...
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    Waiting to buy XenForo 1.1

    Hi, I want to start my first fan forum site and really want to use XenForo. I am not technical so I will probably go with the install service option. I figure once it is all installed it will be 2-4 weeks of posting some starter messages, and just playing around with the admin part of the...