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  1. J

    Fixed Long answers in a poll = a mess.

    Confirmed on Chrome 27 and IE 10 using Win 7.
  2. J

    Hey, can you come online at Skype?

    Hey, can you come online at Skype?
  3. J

    XF 1.2 Permission Analysis

    I already expected that there would be a new 'have you seen'. Very nice to see it daily now
  4. J

    XF 1.2 Conversation Management Improvements

    Wow have you seen's coming up daily now!
  5. J

    XenForo 1.2, What's left for you?

    Yes indeed, those 2 (widget manager and navigation manager) would be a good extra value to the packet. Expecting a whole portal/CMS as a 'little extra feature' is maybe a little bit too much indeed :p But you never know!
  6. J

    Implemented Social Network Buttons Behind "Two-Clicks"

    A design company trying to get customers is getting a lot of visitors, they are not very expensive but they just don't sell... Why!? Users don't decide immediately, they check their Facebook account and see that other design companies are 'cheaper'. Thanks for the 'comparison' Facebook. I'm in...
  7. J

    Implemented [Suggestion] Similar Threads

    That really depends on what kind of niche you are in. I see you are in the gaming niche. People most likely want to know the newest news, or news that is relevant, not news that is related but 100 years old. However, when you are in a niche for information that lasts long, like technical issues...
  8. J

    XF 1.2 Spam Prevention and Management

    Yes that's what I mean. Otherwise it would still be a 'regular' Captcha, isn't it? :p
  9. J

    XF 1.2 Spam Prevention and Management

    Oh I understand. That would be a great preventing system in deed. But did it exist already? Because when it doesn't or when Xenforo itself don't have the time to make such a CAPTCHA, I might have some developers who can.
  10. J

    XF 1.2 Spam Prevention and Management

    I have to agree with this. I have been checking the tools that were and are being used to spam forums, and there is no tool or anything that can automatically solve questions in images.
  11. J

    Hey, I sent you a private message/conversation about something you might be interested in ;)

    Hey, I sent you a private message/conversation about something you might be interested in ;)
  12. J

    "Deactivated User"

    Just explaining with a bit detail how it has to be setup with this addon, will help all the people to fix this solution at best for the moment. (However, I can't make it, as I have no Xenforo license yet).
  13. J

    "Deactivated User"

    We are yet still using vBulletin. There you can manage group memberships also in the usercp at the frontend of the page. Users can apply for memberships by themselves, and we just get a list of people and their motivation and we can easily approve, deny or ignore. Since we're not using Xenfor...
  14. J

    "Deactivated User"

    I also immediately thought about a separate usergroup with the name something like Deactivated Users. When you give them the right permissions (none), the only thing would be that their profile can be seen (limited of course). This still don't really fix the problems, I really like the...