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  1. 3v1LD34D

    Listen(er) and store - Option ID

    Hi, I've been reading what feels like a hundred threads on storing global values, all of them pre-defined in php files, and making them available elsewhere in xenforo but what i really want is to be able to listen for say option id's and store their values for use elsewhere. Im not looking...
  2. 3v1LD34D

    XF 1.4 Calling XenPorta2 $woptions

    Hi, I know the basics for a few languages but I'm by no means an expert. In a nutshell what I want to do is call a variable in a specific SwOption spin box from some html contained in a content box of the same widget. I want to use this number to represent the percent in a progress bar. <div...
  3. 3v1LD34D

    XF 1.4 Url change - cannot login

    Hi, I recently changed my main url for the forum, changing the options in 'Home>Options>Basic board Information'. I have a htaccess at the root which forwards to the forum (which i have corrected). However unless i use the old url i cannot log in as any user, the error being 'The requested...
  4. 3v1LD34D

    XF 1.4 Custom registration fields

    Hi, I can see this has been mentioned a couple of times before, but im probably coming from a different direction... so here we go. I want to add custom registration fields which are questions we would like to be able to ask before we approve the app, these questions potentially however...