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  1. L4SN

    XF 1.4 Add team logo to postbit

    I'd tried following the link but it timed out. Does anyone have an updated link or tutorial for this?
  2. L4SN

    [bd] Medal

    I'm looking for a way to assign medals manually. I have posters that have donated to the site that I would like to award with special medals. The banner system works to a degree but I would also like to have this option as the banners would work better for team and group representation only...
  3. L4SN

    Considering Purchase of Xenforo

    @Brogan, thank you for that link. It's greatly appreciated.
  4. L4SN

    Considering Purchase of Xenforo

    Thank you M@rc for that information. This pretty much confirms the direction I will be taking my site in. I'll be reviewing this later today and double checking a few things before confirming purchase. If there is any advice that anyone has to offer in regards to making a smooth transition...
  5. L4SN

    Considering Purchase of Xenforo

    @Chris D Thank you for the quick response. One final question - 11. Is there a simple way to add custom navigation links or a custom nav bar?
  6. L4SN

    Considering Purchase of Xenforo

    Hello, After researching different forum software for several weeks I have narrowed it down to two options, with XenForo being my preferred choice. I believe you have a quality product and that it may very well fit all of my needs. I have some questions I would like to ask in order to make a...