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  1. rowedf

    XF 1.2 Stats/Data Not Updating

    I'm noticing some strange things that started happening a while back and I'm just getting around to asking for help. I"m noticing a lot of things aren't really refreshing properly. My contacts page that shows data last logged in is way off for a lot people. The Members Online and visits in...
  2. rowedf

    XF 1.2 Clean up, Fresh Start ... ?

    Hello, I have a decent size board (around 100k posts) and I just upgraded to 1.2. Things are working well, however, being I jumped on the Xenforo wagon pretty early I went through a lot of experimenting with addons, etc. A lot of times when you uninstall an addon the files stay on the server...
  3. rowedf

    Add-on Registration Date Changer

    Just wanted to see what people thought about this. The ability to change users registration date ? For a group that uses forums to manage a clan, group, whatever ... it might be useful to have that stored date as a field to reference for when they joined the clan, team, group, etc. I know...
  4. rowedf

    XF 1.2 Updating Dev Forum

    Hello, I started doing the update from 1.1 to 1.2 today on the development forum I use before doing it on my main one. Everything seemed to work fine other than a completely blank index.php (forum listing) page. I disabled, then completely uninstalled xenporta and it's tables but I still have...
  5. rowedf

    Other Custom Member Listing Page

    Hello, I currently use the "staff" add on page for showing a roster page for my forums but the page loads awfully slow, has limited sorting options, and doesn't contain as much information as I would like to use as a basic roster listing and contact page. I do not think the project is very...
  6. rowedf

    XF 1.1 Smowtion

    Does anyone use smowtion ads ? I put 3 ads up, pretty small, two in the breadcrumbs footer and one in the sidebar and it slowed the forums down a considerable amount. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem?
  7. rowedf

    Permissions after migration

    Last night we migrated over from Vb4 and things went pretty smooth. However, Myself and one other are super admins, but we are having the hardest time getting full mod/admin rights on all boards? I feel weird having to post this but everything is checked and it appears as we should have all...
  8. rowedf

    Posbit area ... can you make it wider?

    Hello, we are running a fixed width forum but need to get the postbit section wider to accommodate some longer usernames. How can I do that?
  9. rowedf

    Wiki template required

    I'm not sure if this is the right area to post, but I'd like to pay someone to help me develop a basic "roster" type template that I can use to create member pages for each member from certain groups?
  10. rowedf

    Custom Style Request

    Hello, I was looking for someone to take a custom style I have been using in vbulletin 4 and slice it up and do the CSS edits to make it work with Xenforo. Here is a PNG version of the template. What type of price range am I looking at for this ?
  11. rowedf

    Profile Tabs, simple guid to add tabs?

    Hello, I've used the search here and found a few threads on adding profile tabs, but I have to say I'm very new to Xenfor0 (last night) and I'm a little lost reading thru some of the solutions posted. Can someone help me with a simple "to do" list for adding a tab with custom profile fields I...
  12. rowedf

    Thinking about switching to Xenforo

    Can someone help me along with the decision making process :) I have a Vbulletin account and I've been seeing how they seem to be going down hill. There is hardly any developer support and that scares me. I have a clan/gaming website that is used a lot. When I say a lot I don't mean a huge...