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  1. nickbbeezy

    XF 1.2 Can't login on index

    I recently switched hosting services following the recommendations on this post: Everything seems to work just fine except users aren't able to login on the index page. They can only login if they go to a...
  2. nickbbeezy

    XF 1.2 PHP Mail & SMTP not sending emails

    I've trying to setup email for my forum since at the moment, users are unable to receive confirmation emails, password reset emails, etc. I have full access to my machine so I'd prefer to use the PHP Mail function but it doesn't seem to work? Any help on configuring it to work w/ Xenforo? I've...
  3. nickbbeezy

    XF 1.2 Optimize image layers failed

    Just installed ImageMagick onto my server, but when I try to upload an animated gifs, I get this error:
  4. nickbbeezy

    XF 1.2 Renaming "Likes"

    I'd like to rename likes to encourage users to start using the system a little more. Could I get assistance on which templates I would have to edit to completely get rid of all instances of the word "likes"?