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  1. SCTechMan

    Question on thread prefixes

    Would we be able to have prefixes that are simple titles rather than filters or worded differently can they be static rather than clickable?
  2. SCTechMan

    BB Code for Facebook posts

    I'm looking for a way to embed Facebook posts into the forum. I see an easy way to do Facebook videos or pictures but not posts. I tried creating a custom BB Media Code Site but I would need to reference two parts of the URL rather than just one. For example the post below is a typical Facebook...
  3. SCTechMan

    Question on friendly URLs

    Some of our forums are a little wild and the language used for the subject line can be a problem if it's used in the friendly URLs. Is this something anyone else has dealt with and how did you approach the problem. We definitely want to go with the full friendly URLs but our users that are use...
  4. SCTechMan

    Twitter timeline embed

    Is it possible to embed a user's Twitter timeline rather than just a specific tweet? We would like to have a pinned post at the top of the board that has our timeline updated automatically.
  5. SCTechMan

    Moving to Xenforo from thread view forum

    In the next 72 hours we'll be moving from a board format that has a high number of old school thread format users. Many of my users have been with me for the better part of two decades and they are very upset about losing the ability to view the forums in thread view. Has anyone else been...
  6. SCTechMan

    Embed a comment area in content

    Would it be possible to have an area at the bottom of our content that would allow users to comment on the article but those comments would be on the forums as well?
  7. SCTechMan

    Can different user groups view only specific posts in threads?

    We're a subscription business and what we would like to do is have threads where both subscribers and non-subscribers can interact but specific posts in those threads would only be visible to the subscribers. Is that possible? I've seen similar forums and when the admins want to they can mark...
  8. SCTechMan

    Signature options

    Is there somewhere I can read about the various signature options. One specific question I have is can you enable signatures for mobile? We run a few very small ads in our signatures in our current software and we would like to continue that.
  9. SCTechMan

    Embedding a Facebook post

    Does XenForo allow you to embed a Facebook post?