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    The Pet Board - Where Pet Owners Meet.

    Looks great. What did you use to make the small animated ad unit you have in your posts? Is there a animated gif banner ad tool you used or something else? We are looking at creating some small ads. Thanks
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    How to Compete against the Big Boys VBulletins

    Hi, I launched a Disney Fan Xen Foro site. It looks great, super clean, great discussion topics, and I am very excited that it is using Xen Foro. My problem is my Disney Fan Forums is brand new and I am going up against the big VBulletin boys that have been around for 10+ years. When you...
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    Mobile Version?

    Hi, Would you install one of these mobile apps that charge your users $2 - $5 to download so they can get a more mobile friendly version of your forum on their mobile device? Or do you think Xen Foro will have a mobile experience in their next release? If it's a year out I might install...
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    Not a bug Email regristration link not working 1.1.0

    I had a new user register and tell me the regristration email has just a code value that displays {confirm-link} In the email they get. They said nothing happens when they click on it I created a fake account and get the same thing. When I click on {confirm-link}. I am taken To the form site...
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    XF 1.1 Notices

    Yeah I love these notices. I copied the example code but must be missing something because the Div seems to not be aligning itself over the image. Steve
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    XF 1.1 Notices

    Any idea why my text appears Under the background image instead of over it? Thanks, Steve <img src="/images/giftcard.jpg" style="display:block; width:100%" title="Disney Forum giveaway"/> <div class="creation1" style="position:absolute; top:0, left:0; color:white; font-size: 11px...
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    Allow Smilies Drop Down Menu to hold more Smilies

    Thanks Brogan. That code worked perfectly. Steve
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    Allow Smilies Drop Down Menu to hold more Smilies

    Here is how they display in the latest version 1.0.4 I assume all the templates are the latest. The install was just two weeks ago. The smilies go off the bottom of the page. I'll look at increasing the width, with the code you provided. Thanks. But I wanted to send you this screen shot...
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    Allow Smilies Drop Down Menu to hold more Smilies

    I added about 40 smilies to my XenForo. They do not all fit in the Smilie drop down when you click on the Yellow Smilie above. Is there a way navigate through the smilies in the drop down? Thanks, Steve :)
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    Issues with users getting activation emails?

    Hi, Does anyone have issues with users getting the Click Here to activate your account forum emails? When I signed up myself I had to try several times to get the email to appear in my email account. I also had another user tell me today they never got the email and they checked Spam also...
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    Can not Validate new users for access

    Hi, I have a user that just joined and says they are not getting the Click To Approve your account email. So I went into the Admin Panel as Super Admin and I can see his details. I tried to change his "User Statue" from : "Awaiting Email Confirmation" to "Valid" but when I click save I get...
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    How do you change the email copy?

    Thanks, Is there a way to edit the actual email. The Form filed, Title, and body? - Steve
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    How do you change the email copy?

    What phrase or code do I need to edit to change the copy in the email that is sent to a new user to activate their account? Thanks, Steve
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    Google Analytics

    I just found a section under HOME/OPTIONS/STATS that allows you to enter your Google ID, so that is super cool if I don't have to paste this Google javascript in the header tags. I posted my Google ID so I'll give that sometime for Google to look over and see if we are in business tomorrow...
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    Google Analytics

    Does anyone know what page I should page the Google Analytic code into so it gets into the header of all pages? I just signed up for Google Analytics for my XenForo URL. Thanks, Steve
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    Anyone have a good Admin / Moderator setup?

    I am just setting up XenForo, a completely new install. For Admin and Moderator it will be just me, but I want to make sure I can expand and add moderators as the site grows. I really don't need anything overly complex. I would like future moderators to be able to edit, delete, and move...
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    How to add a banner / promo area close to the thread top?

    I would love to add a graphical banner of sorts just under my forums sub title text. It would need to be in the standard theme look and feel and have a graphic and be clickable so I can take users to a forum page about a contest. I think I saw a XenForo demo video that created a cool rotating...
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    Waiting to buy XenForo 1.1

    Thanks Guys. I purchased the current version and am in the process of getting it setup. I am sure I will have loads of questions to come. - Steve
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    Waiting to buy XenForo 1.1

    Hi, I want to start my first fan forum site and really want to use XenForo. I am not technical so I will probably go with the install service option. I figure once it is all installed it will be 2-4 weeks of posting some starter messages, and just playing around with the admin part of the...