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    XF 1.0 How to manage ads

    Dear All, Does anybody know how to manage advertisement? how to put advertisement from client on forum and manage it? Thanks, Irawan
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    ask for stick or unstick thread

    hi, anyone could help to explain what is the function stick and unstick thread on the forum moderator permission
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    XF 1.0 how to set approval for thread of posting

    Hi, many users posted thread out of topic. please let me know how to control the thread posting? can i set any posting should be approved by moderator? Thanks
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    how to install add-on?

    Hi All, I tried to install forum watch add on. I extract the file and upload it to server. Then try browse the .xml file from 'Install from Uploaded File'. But i have the error 'The files associated with this add-on could not be found. Please upload them and try again.'
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    how to set alert and email notification

    Dear all, Please share how to set the forum member getting an alert or email notification when a new thread created by another user Thanks
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    how to put advertisement in my forum

    Dear Sir, Would you like to tell me how to put ads in my forum. I cannot find any configuration or setup for that. Thanks, Irawan
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    what is the function of user upgrade

    Dear Sir, On the configuration if found the user upgrade. please tell me what is the function Thanks, Irawan
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    awaiting email confirmation doesn't work for gmail email account

    Dear Sir, We found for all the user that register using the gmail account had the awaiting email confirmation status. When we confirm to them, they said they didn't received any email confirmation. Please adivise Thanks, Irawan
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    how to create a page and write on it

    could anyone tell me how to create a page and write on it