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    Who here is using the XenForo Feeder?

    We are using it on our forum but the 12 hour range with six feeds is swimming us in news. If I chose to uncheck "Post immediately" (as a quick fix) all posts even after the news are being sent to moderation. Its good in theory.
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    Important member being sent to Moderation Q

    So we need an extension from the 12 hours to 24 in the dropdown menu.
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    Important member being sent to Moderation Q

    Yes, it was the news feed threads doing it, we put them on moderate as the 6 feeds we had were posting every twelve hours (thats the longest time frame) it had to be scaled back somehow and moderating or scaleback the option. Thanks
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    Important member being sent to Moderation Q

    Hi, When I click Nodes there is no radio button for "moderate all messages posted in this forum" all are set to inherit nonetheless all other posters getting through. Follow Message Moderation Rules: all is good for members over 5 posts. its only this one guy who is in that group. Im...
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    Important member being sent to Moderation Q

    Hi, I have a very long term (and quite vocal) member being sent to moderation Q (5 posts), he has more than the required five posts and I have also "promoted" him as an attempt to fix. Any ideas? Lep
  6. L -Top poster in sidebar

    That woulde nice. Can we also hide "Some" users, our Newsbot is one of our highest posters
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    Class [Paid]

    Very Nice, will there be an option to change the main background from texture to colours like the border?
  8. L - Seastone Fluid and Fixed

    I like you ! You talk sense here and elswhere !! Great work !!!
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    find premium themes for Xenforo?

    See, i was on the metro trying to reply to this.... it was so messy, so i decided to play angry birds instead.
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    find premium themes for Xenforo?

    Me too..... and our members want one now. Later/in development isnt a good enough answer for them. I can nearly do my dishwashing on my smartphone but I cant view the forum in a good enough manner. Smartphones are big business, everyone has them now. FUNCTIONALITYY IS #1..... the looks can...