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  1. Donske

    Duplicate Conversation Participants removal

    For example, I start a conversation and I invite 10 people. Two people become hostile at each other which I had no idea was going to happen. I need to be able to remove them and their conversations from the list of participants. I know they can "leave" using their profile, but in some cases...
  2. Donske

    XF 2.1 Setting up new Moderators (Approve / reject users selection not working)

    In setting up a global moderator, as you all know, we have many options that we allow moderators to do (or not do). One of which is listed: Approve / reject users which a checkbox. Even if l leave this option "unchecked", I find out later that my new moderator has been approving new members...
  3. Donske

    XF 2.0 Modifying config.php to accommodate another instance of XF2 on same domain

    I need to accommodate one more XenForo installation on the same domain. Therefore, is this the exact syntax that I would add to my config.php file on the additional install or does this go on the Main install and the additional install too ? $config['cookie']['path'] = '/'; ...and should...
  4. Donske

    XF 2 Requesting (Hiring) to help with some Database errors, etc.

    I have recently migrated from a shared hosting plan to a VPS. I have access to my cPanel and also my WHM panel. I am in mush need to help to resolve some odd "server" errors that come up in my Xenforo Admin Panel.
  5. Donske

    XF 2.1 Image upload problems (since migrating to new VPS)

    I have waited to post here until I have exhausted all my abilities and tech support with Host Provider. I have been struggling with this now for almost 2 weeks. I had a Professional Shared Hosting plan and no problems with image uploads. I had all my settings tweeked. max_post_size and...
  6. Donske

    XF 2.0 Changing the color of the "Likes" strip and font.

    I have looked at the Styles Settings and I can make a global change in the "Likes" bar or strip, but it also changes other things as well. What I wish to do and it might be a .less css code to add, but I would like to change just the color of the "bar" or "strip" of the Likes Bar. I also would...
  7. Donske

    Duplicate Who is "Currently Browsing this topic" in real time.

    I don't think this suggestion has been mentioned: I have a moderator that has made a suggestion to me on our forum, but I am not sure how to implement it. It seems like a nice feature. The best way I can describe is this: Lets say "you" visit and click on a "Topic". As you are reading, you...
  8. Donske

    XF 2.0 Currently Browsing" Topics in real time

    I have a moderator that has made a suggestion to me on our forum, but I am not sure how to implement it. It seems like a nice feature. The best way I can describe is this: Lets say "you" visit and click on a "Topic". As you are reading, you scroll down to bottom of topic as if you were going...
  9. Donske

    XF 2.0 No approval cue and No new registration emails

    Lately, I have new users registering and I am trying to chase down some problems and here are some bullet points: Under Setup > Options > User Registration New user registers and Admin no longer gets any emails about a new user registering (so they can be approved). Admin Staff Nav Bar is not...
  10. Donske

    XF 2.0 lightslider speed

    The lightslider.js has a speed and pause variable (of which I changed) to make the animation slow down. However, the pause and speed do not change. Am I looking in the right place? Or is there another variable in this .js that needs to be changed too? Thanks
  11. Donske

    XF 2.0 Can Widgets be on left side ?

    It would be nice if possible to also have widgets on the left side of main forum page. I do not recall seeing this option in setting up widgets. Thanks Donnie
  12. Donske

    XF 2.0 Adding an Image to Category Nodes

    If possible, I would like to add a small icon to the left of the Category "title" perhaps 30 px square. I went to the path as described below Appearance > Styles > Properties > Blocks My "test image" is a red square at 25px sq. I was expecting that the small red square would appear and sit...
  13. Donske

    XF 2.0 width of the user account sidebar

    I have been trying to find the template or style to change the width of the user account sidebar just a little more. I saw one thread (search) but it was a long time ago in a diff version of XF. thanks. Donnie
  14. Donske

    XF 2.0 Change Color of the "Like thumbs up" on post

    I have done all the theme changes on my xenforo 2.0.1, but I am lacking just one element for now that I would like to change, but I can't find the image anywhere in the folders or sub-directories, so I am not sure how this image is being make or what extension it has. I am providing an...
  15. Donske

    XF 2.0 page_node order

    I started creating some page_nodes for "Pages" in the forums and all was going well. Somehow, I needed to remove or edit something and I can not remember the steps that produced this situation. All I know is that my first "Pages" that I created started with page_node.127, then the next "Pages"...
  16. Donske

    XF 2.0 Error: Unexpected contents

    I wanted to replace the xenforo-logo.png with my own. All I did was make my own logo saved as a .png file. I saved the default xenforo logo as something like xenforo-logo_OLD.png. Then I uploaded my own logo (same file name and same file path location). For some reason, I am getting this...
  17. Donske

    XF 2.0 Custom Rank Badges per Users Posts Count

    I am not sure if I am supposed to request this in this section, so I apologize in advance if I did. I wish I knew php more than I did. But, beside that point, this is what I really would like to do: Based on a users number of post (or I guess points), I would like to have my own ranking...
  18. Donske

    Required password credentials

    I have been looking through the admin settings to find where to adjust for password length, mixed case, and numbers if need be. I found the adjustment for length of characters for username, but not for passwords. Thanks Donnie
  19. Donske

    XF 2.0 Color of Pagination Blocks in Post Titles

    Two request if possible Is there specific CSS code that can change these two things I have outlined: 1. On the "Start Conversation" I would like for the name that appears to be a different background color, border color and text color if possible. 2. The Topic's Pagination. I would like to...
  20. Donske

    XF 2.0 Export style

    I am almost finished with creating my own theme using the default to make the changes. Now that I have made all the changes I want, I need to save this as a new "Style". So the Title and Description is self explanatory, but I am not sure If I am supposed to choose "No Parent" or "Default...