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  1. Andre Daub

    XF 1.5 Question 1.5.21 (unsubscribe link to admin sent emails (XF1))

    Implement the ability to add an unsubscribe link to admin sent emails (XF1) Where in ACP can i see the settings for this? Or is this auto-implemented?
  2. Andre Daub

    XF 1.5 Enhanced Search installed get no search results?

    Hi, i have installed enhanced Search, but if i search to my Forum to whatever, i get only this message: The search could not be completed. Please try again later. Screenshot from my setup: And the normal xf_search_index table is still in the database? Should this not be deleted? Or can i...
  3. Andre Daub

    XF 1.2 How to set up background Image with external Link?

    I want to show up this grafik as background image of my forums: This is my code: <style type="text/css"> html {overflow-x:hidden} body { background-position: center top; background-image...
  4. Andre Daub

    XF 1.3 Base url , wrong modrewrite subfolders

    Hi there, we just planing to move our project to a nother rootfolder/subfolders. But we have some problems of XenoForo to read the BaseUrl correct, so the CSS and links are not correct connected. We already found the problem in the ZEND Framework where the base url is created by the function...
  5. Andre Daub

    XF 1.2 2 months after switching from vB - Traffic still down

    I really like XF and i am happy that we did the move from vB 4.21 and vbSEO to XF. Posts and Activity are up, Time on Site, Sites per Visit etc. is better than before. But Visitors are down by nearly 50%! We have had redirects in place. Some People told me, that it takes arround 6 months for...
  6. Andre Daub

    XF 1.2 Only show Banner-Ad if fullwidth Style?

    Ist it possible ti have a condition like this: <xen:if is="!{$visitor.user_id}"> YOUR TEXT/AD HERE </xen:if> to show an banner only ift the client uses the forum in fullwidth? I have a 800 x 250 Banner, and want only to show it to Desktop Users who see the site in the maximum width.
  7. Andre Daub

    XF 1.2 Redirect vbseo attachments?

    vBulletin: domain.tld/attachments/suche-verkaufe/16620d1313950457-adidas-f50-adizero-prime-sg-anodized-purple-infrared-electricity-sam_1172.jpg XF: domain.tld/forum/attachments/next-gen-adizero-jpg.22482/ Ho can i redirect the vbulletin links to the new XF Attachements?
  8. Andre Daub

    Import of vbcms articles possible?

    I have a question. If we will upgrade from vb to xenforo, what happens with the articles in cms? Is there a chance to get the content over to xenforo, maybe in an extra subforum? We have arround 1500 artiles in there.
  9. Andre Daub

    2 Question about SEO-Url´s

    Hi, i have two questions about the Url´s: 1. domain.tld/threads/name-of-thread.543/ Is it possible to remove the /threads/ folder to short URL like this: domain.tld/name-of-thread.543/ 2. I have a keyword domain let´s say cheap-deal.tld The titles of my threads will be like...