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  1. Ralf

    thank you for xenforo

    I`m a vbulletin user since 10 years or so, maybe longer. but 2010 i bought Xenforo for my premium community. And today, after one or two glasses of wine, I tried my first xenforo update. Without any errors or so. Just perfect. It is - really - a fantastic software. Thanky your very much...
  2. Ralf

    delete posts and threads

    I´m super-moderator and i have double checked my moderating permissions. But there is still no box for me to delete posts. Screen attached, where should that inline box be?
  3. Ralf

    Fixed Style property: unit handling error

    ok, thanks:D very confusing, i had to play many hours around that problem to figure out that css line will be automaticly replaced with xenforo-nomatch
  4. Ralf

    delete posts and threads

    Hi guys, easy, easy questions for you, im really sure about that. i cant find an answer in the frequently asked questions. how can i delete a thread or post? Im sorry, usually i use only vbulletin but my baby forum has xenforo, but i dont see a moderation button or so. i´m in the right...
  5. Ralf

    Remove quick navigation

    Hi guys, is there an easy way to remove the quick Navigation on top or bottom of the page? (I mean that one: HOME>Forum>Xenforo Community Support > ) thanks in advance
  6. Ralf - Lifestyle Forum

    Hi Guys, just for fun, my new forum: please feel free and let me know what do you think about the style and color setting. And yes, I know its only a modified style thanks in advance
  7. Ralf

    Do you need license and Admin for free?

    thanks for messages. But I dont want to sell my license or move members to another board. I´ll give you an example: you have a hand of friends and you like fishing, gaming, you like pink pigs or whatever. And you always want to have a forum, but maybe you dont have money or you dont have...
  8. Ralf

    Do you need license and Admin for free?

    I bought Xenforo License for testing issues and growing up a new community later. But unfortunatly I have a new Job since two weeks and less time, so I´m looking for somebody who has some friends and want to have a forum for free / or ideas for a new projekt. You´ll get admin rights too. You...