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  1. Kester Hynds

    XF 2.0 Getting value from route parameter (ParameterBag / action problems...)

    I'm trying to get a value from the URL. Route set up as follows: This is the action code: public function actionIndex(ParameterBag $params) { echo "<pre>"; print_r($params); echo "</pre>"; return $this->message('Hello world!'); } if I visit...
  2. Kester Hynds

    XF 2.0 Login/authenticate user without password

    I'm creating a custom XenForo 2.0 add-on for remote authentication. I'm trying to figure out how to authenticate a user using an email address alone. We are using a basic HTTP Authorisation header for token based validation via main website that returns a valid email in a JSON response. I have...
  3. Kester Hynds

    XF 2.0 Routing to URL when non-authenticated

    I have created a custom route as follows:- I have created the add-on package and appropriate class which currently looks like a bit like this:- namespace IPSE\Authenticate\Pub\Controller; class Authenticate extends \XF\Pub\Controller\AbstractController { public function...
  4. Kester Hynds

    XF 2.0 XenForo add-on development

    I'm following the dev tutorial for XenForo2.0. Underneath the instructions for the Setup class it says "Don't forget to execute the queries yourself!" Does this mean manually running SQL queries? Or creating...