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  1. RobNH

    MG 2.2 Usergroup Access

    Is there a way to control Media Gallery access like there is forum access? Example: A non-member can view a forum and see the list of threads but cannot access the threads unless registered. I want to do the same thing with the Media Gallery. Allow non-members to see the categories - but not...
  2. RobNH

    Email Notification to Admin Upon New User Registration

    I'm disappointed that there is no ability for an Admin to be notified via email upon new user registration without having to pay $15 - $35 for a custom made app. Why is this feature not a default in the XenForo package like it is in vBulletin? I started a new site and bought a XenForo license...
  3. RobNH

    Questions About Migrating From vBulletin 4.2.5

    I'm considering converting my vBulletin forums over to XenForo and have a few questions about the process. Details About My Current Forums: version 4.2.5 PHP version: 5.6.40 MySQL Version: 10.0.38-MariaDB Server: Apache Linux Forum Stats: Threads 95,772 - Posts 766,591 - Members...