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  1. Masked Crusader

    XF 1.1 Users Online For Past 2 Hours?

    Hello everyone. vBulletin had a way you could set the cookie for how long a user remains logged in on the forum. That cookie would die out at whatever second interval that you set up. So, my forum would show everyone that was active in the past 2 hours. How can I do the same thing here...
  2. Masked Crusader

    XF 1.1 Making Thread Title Longer Than 50 Characters?

    Hey all. I just did an import from vB4 into Xenforo 1.1 and a lot of my thread titles are longer than 50 characters so most of them got cutoff. Is there a way to make the limit higher than 50 characters for the thread title? Thanks!
  3. Masked Crusader

    $1000 Budget -- Skin Conversion From vB4 + Additional Color Scheme

    Hello everyone. My current vBulletin skin: After months of research and countless problems with vBulletin, I have jumped ship and I am already glad I have. I had a custom skin created for vBulletin about a year ago and would like to...