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    XF 1.4 Googlebot filling 'search' table with tons of data, leading to a database crash

    Googlebot has been actively accessing our Recent Posts page (multiple times per second). This translates to a heavy load on our database, because xenForo adds a record to the 'search' table each time Googlebot hits the page. We migrated to a new server in order to cope with this load...
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    Not a bug Embedded images in conversation allow for easy IP address theft

    The option to embed images in conversations leaves a HUGE opportunity for malicious users to obtain sensitive personal data of arbitrary forum members such as IP address, device type, OS, ISP, location. Embedded images in private conversations should be disabled by default, but what I find even...
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    XF 1.4 Error 500 during "Complete Import..." step

    While importing data from phpbb 3.0, a server 500 error occurred at the last step (Complete Import...). Unfortunately, I am not aware of the exact stage of the process at which this happened, but I know it was sometime AFTER the rebuilding of the user caches took place. The server error log...