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  1. caliman

    Editor margin shifts on phones

    I noticed that on my iPhone that the editor message box is very narrow with wide margins when starting a new thread but the reply box is full screen. Why does the new thread box have to be so narrow? The buttons stack poorly too.
  2. caliman

    How to segment TapaTalk Users in Google Analytics?

    It would be pretty nice to know how to segment TapaTalk users in Google analytics. I know it's an app, but might there be a way? Know a good way to? Please share. Thanks! caliman
  3. caliman

    Lack of interest Better Spam Protection

    I am using 1.3.1. My site is getting hammered with spam. The spam rush is in the middle of the night between 12am and 5am. I am frustrated, looking for suggestions and have a few as well for xenforo. I have stopforumspam integrated, have cloudflare bot preventions enbabled and I have used...
  4. caliman

    Duplicate Multiple Image Uploads for Mobile

    I have received complaints from my members about this and I have to agree, it is a pain to upload multiple photos from the phone as you have to do one at a time. When using 'choose existing' I should be able to select multiple photos. Please implement this. Thanks in advance! caliman
  5. caliman

    XF 1.3 Moving guest login to new template causes error

    Hi all - I am trying to move the following guest login code to a new template and receive an error when I try to save. <div class="section loginButton"> <div class="secondaryContent"> <label for="LoginControl" id="SignupButton"><a href="{xen:link login}" class="<xen:if...
  6. caliman

    Duplicate Responsive admin control panel

    We really need a responsive admin control panel. The current design is downright dangerous on a phone. So much so that I try to avoid using it if I can. I would love to see this addressed.
  7. caliman

    XF 1.3 Massive Delay Between HTTP GET and HTTP 200 OK

    Anyone else notice a big delay between the HTTP GET request and HTTP 200 ok when going to your xenForo site? Oddly mine is that way for me at work and at home using chrome and firefox. Using developer tools Network Timeline, I have seen delays as long as 21 seconds. What is interesting is if I...
  8. caliman

    XF 1.3 Place an ad after every 5th post

    I posted this in the conditional thread and was told to use xen:calc. Unfortunately there are not a lot of examples of this. So.. I was curious if anyone knows how to place an ad after every 5th post on a page? Thanks in advance! matt
  9. caliman

    hacking media code to allow for 2nd id variable

    I would like to hack the media bbcode function to allow for a 2nd $id variable in order to support livestream. Any suggestions? Here is the function: public function renderTagMedia(array $tag, array $rendererStates) { $mediaKey = trim($this->stringifyTree($tag['children']))...
  10. caliman

    LiveStream Add-On Needed

    There is a livestream going right now that I would love to add to my site. This has motivated me to look around for livestream support. It looks like there has been a couple add-ons such as this: But they don't work and are...
  11. caliman

    XF 1.3 PayPal IPN Warnings after Migrating from vB

    PayPal is sending my IPN warnings after I have migrated from vB. Warning: So doing some searching here, I see that xF has a gateway file and on my board that is located here: What is unclear is how I resolve this. On the PayPal side: I cannot find the old URL...
  12. caliman

    SQL select to grab emails of members registered after x date?

    I used to be able to do this with vB. Not sure how to do this with xF yet. SQL select to grab emails of members registered after x date? I would like to do the above - excluding banned members + members with < 1 post... and export to a text file. This is all via command line. Thanks in...
  13. caliman

    XF 1.3 Importing smilies - broken image preview

    Hi all - I am trying to import a lot of smilies and I cannot preview them. Broken image. See attached. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  14. caliman

    Loading a template based on screen size

    Anyone know a way to load a different xF template based on screen width?
  15. caliman

    As designed Replying to a specific post on a specific page

    Replying to a specific post on a specific page ... I just replied to a post (using the reply link in that post) on page 2 of a 3 page thread. My post with the quote was placed at the bottom of page 2 when I pressed submit and the page counter at bottom of thread indicated page 2 even though...
  16. caliman

    XF 1.2 # Users in Forum Statistics does not match users shown in import steps

    Hi all - Merry Christmas! I just completed a vB 3.8 import and noticed that the number of users shown in import steps (see attached) does not match what is shown in forum statistics after the import was completed. Users imported 26k. (see attached) Users shown in forum statistics 22.9k...
  17. caliman

    XF 1.2 Install fails on step 2: xf_email_template_modification_log already exists

    This is weird. I wanted to do a fresh install. I dropped the database and recreated it in mysql. (I verified tables did not exist) Load the install, configure and begin install. It fails on step 2: Server Error Mysqli statement execute error : Table 'xf_email_template_modification_log' already...
  18. caliman

    XF 1.2 Importing again.. and again

    I want to get the importing steps down by repeating them a few times. On my beta board I imported successfully from vB 3.8. Today I want to do it again so I deleted attachments and avatars per:
  19. caliman

    XF 1.2 Responsive Banner Display Issue

    Hi all - I am trying to modify the responsive adsense code from resources to display banners from my banner server. <xen:hook name="ad_header" /> <div id="ad_header"> <script type="text/javascript"> width = document.documentElement.clientWidth; /* default 320 x 50 banner */ var sc =...
  20. caliman

    XF 1.2 User: Banner Stacking display order?

    I have banner stacking enabled and banners set for user groups. Banners are stacking. How do I set the display order of these banners? Thanks in advance, caliman