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  1. Cory_

    Pages Setup Help

    Hello, I'm trying to create a PHP Page using the PHP Callback feature, I've been in the forums and watched the videos and doesn't really work, unless I'm doing something wrong. This is what I'm looking for. I have a specific page I need created and where would I store these php files...
  2. Cory_

    Customization with PHP Code

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out a way to grab content using file_get_contents and display it on the thread page under each username. There a way to do this within the template code? or can I pull a php file some how? Didn't find anything on the help page, Assistance would be much...
  3. Cory_

    Template Modification : Question

    Hello, I'm looking to modify where the "Avatar" is located. Apparently, I'm not looking in the right place, but which template do I have to edit to change the code? What is the correct syntax for inputting "Custom User Fields" ? Basically, I have and field name "test" and the code I...