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  1. murat çabuk

    MG 1.1 Xen gallery cant show image forumlist

    first of all sorry for my english. i bought a xen gallery to day and i install it and i do all settings. now its working. but i have a problem with "last videos on the forumlisting". i did all setting what you say on this support forum but i cant find the solution. when i changed the windows...
  2. murat çabuk

    XF 1.5 background image and url for click

    hi all. i have a forum and i want to put background image my forum. <a href="***/" target="_blank" style="position:fixed; z-index:-1 ;width:100%; background:url(http://www.***.com/forum/**-back.jpg) no-repeat 50% top fixed; height:1500px; top:0; left:0;"></a> i try...