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    XF 2.0 SESTA-FOSTA & Xenforo

    Are the new laws passed in the US under SESTA-FOSTA going to impact the use of Xenforo licenses on Adult sites built on the. Xenforo platform outside the US? CDA 230 was revoked. I’m not sure how that would impact Xenforo.
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    Size of SQL Database and Cyber Security

    I had a recent conversation with a web developer in the US. He made a claim that it's not safe for a forum to maintain too large an SQL database. They have encouraged several forum owners to reduce their post counts to keep the database under 5 GB. I've worked on massive forums with 100...
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    Does Xenforo automatically remove GEO tags from images?

    Some forums require extra precautions be taken when protecting the privacy of their members. EXIF data with Geo tags can give away someone's home address in the image metadata. Does Xenforo automatically remove any EXIF geo tags for uploaded images in the gallery and forum app; do you need...
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    Group Messesging Add-on

    Has anyone ever create an add-on that would allow members to send messages to a specific group of users? Example: You could send a group message to the Admins, Mods or Maintenance team. - You can select a group that would recieve a group message - You can add people to a group - You can...
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    Home Page Builder for Xenforo

    This is one of best feature of IPB, well minus other issues in the platform. Pages/Content allows admins to build a homepage within the forum app vs. having to use Wordpress or another CMS. I think this would be great addition for XF 2.1. I don't see this as being a realistic expectation for...
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    XF 1.5 Changing title of Navigation tabs

    How do you go about changing the titles of a Navigation tab in Xenforo. I want to change Media tabs to Gallery and Documents tab to Articles.
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    Customer Survey's

    Customer survey's are a quick and easy way for people to offer feedback inside feedback fourms. You can use radial button mutiple choice questions inside a thread to gather data from members. You have to be carful not to post too many surveys during s short period of time. I would do a...
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    Accidentally Deleted Thread

    I accidentally deleted a thread with our staff handbook. I wanted to see if this thread in pink can still be recovered. It's a bit confused on why the post is there after being deleted. I'm surprised the post did not completely disappear. The thread pointer still appears to be there...
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    Cleaning up SQL error after yanking Showcase

    Hey Guys, I just pulled the showcase add-on to improve my site's Page load speeds. I'm getting these database errors after deleting the Showcase add-on. What will I need to do to fix the following table errors? Admin Control Panel Server Error Mysqli prepare error: Table...
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    Add-on Replacement for Kraken image compressor

    It appears the orginal Kraken IO plugin is officially been moved into the unmaintained status. This an extremely valuable add-on for any site owner looking to save disk space and to increae page load speeds. Are there any developer interested in developing a brand new replacement for...
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    Add-on Readability Score

    I saw a Wordpress plugin that scores posts on their readability to help with SEO. It scores giant blobs of text, bad gammar, spelling, ect..and rate the post so the members can see they need add space between paragraphs, ect...
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    Add-on Goodie2shoes

    Does anyone know what happened to Goodie2Shoes? He's been MIA since November and I was hoping to purchase some of his add-on's soon.
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    Add-on Global Message

    I had a really cool global message addon with my previous IPS community. The global message was great for notifying members when he server would be down or if there's work being done on the site. Has anyone ever thought of making a add-on for a Global forum message?
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    Advertising Plugin

    I'm in the process of comparing the two main advertising plugin's for Xenforo. Siporu Ad Manager XenCentral Ad Management System I like the Bitcoin support in Sirporu. XenCentral has a slight feature advantage for the number of functions it supports. The price is relative between the...
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    Lack of interest Increasing the size of the Color Pallette in Post Editor

    I've been playing with Xenforo's text editor on several different Xenforo based sites and I've noticed an area where Xenforo could improve the mobile users experience. The Text color changing palette is too small and tiny to easily select the right color chip on a mobile phone. It would...
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    Kraken iO Compressor

    On the fly image compression really helps with page load speeds an allowing members to upload bigger pictures without worrying about slowing down page load speeds on the fourm. IPS IP Board has a similar tool already. This tool already exisits for Wordpress. Benefits: - Faster image loads -...
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    Best Chat-Add-on

    My site will be under construction soon. I'm trying to decide on the best chat app to use with an Xenforo website. I'm still leaning towards Cometchat. Key features that are important to me on a dedicated server: - Fast Performance - Audio and Video Chat - Private Chats - User reporting -...
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    Moving a existing site from IP Board to Xenforo

    Right now I'm in the process of re-launching a forum that was taken offline a year ago. I was excited to jump onto IPS 4 until I've played with the IPS 4 suite. I have to admit that IPS 4 really is nothing like I hoped it would have been. - The Design of the responsive sites are downright...