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  1. stevshark

    XF 2.0 Log into multiple accounts

    I would like to log into a 2 or more accounts at the same time but it just says "you are already logged in."
  2. stevshark

    XF 2.0 Offer discount coupons or promotions?

    Is there a way to offer a coupon code or discount promotion for the user upgrades. Like first 6 months free of subscription? Or a code to type in for a discount?
  3. stevshark

    How can I add filters to resources?

    I've added some new resource fields such as location. But how can I make the resources filter by location?
  4. stevshark

    XF 2.0 Is there a simple way to set group permissions for pages

    I would like to set user group permissions to view pages or not but it seems like the only option is to set individual users to view private pages.
  5. stevshark

    How to add a XF2 page?

    Is there a good tutorial for XF2? Like adding a page I'm sure this is simple but I cant seem to get it. I have created the page in the nodes yet it doesnt show up in the tabs.
  6. stevshark

    How can Images be placed in the forums?

    There seems to only be 2 options that is fullsize or thumbnail. Shouldnt there be an option to post medium sized images or collages in the forums? the fullsize images look goofy and the thumbnails are too small to see.
  7. stevshark

    users overloading server

    I have some users that are either running scripts or else just clicking like crazy until they cause this error: err_empty_response which temporarily shuts them down. But for some reason it is causing other users to also get the same error it seems to be an issue with godaddy hosting. Is there an...